Would you like to become a foreign supporter?

   At OFIX, we register international students and foreign residents as "foreign supporters" and send them to schools within Osaka Prefecture to take part in international understanding education lessons. The aim of this program is have supporters introduce their country's culture and history, traditional dances, music and other games and activities in order to help students deepen their understanding of difference cultures. Supporters receive 6,000 yen (transportation included) per visit as honorarium.

■Who can become an OFIX international understanding education foreign supporter?

①A foreign resident who is living, studying or working within Osaka Prefecture.
 * Depending on one's status of residence, "permission to engage in activity other than
  that permitted under the status of residence previously granted"
  (shikakugai-katsudou-kyoka) may be required.
②A person who wishes to introduce their home country at schools in Osaka Prefecture.
③A person able to give a presentation in Japanese. (Equivalent to JLPT N2 or higher)

■How do I become a foreign supporter?

If you want to become a foreign supporter and fulfill the requirements listed above, please send the application form to OFIX by FAX or email:

OFIX International Understanding Education Foreign Foreign Supporter ・ Language Volunteer Application Form (WORDPDF) (Japanese only)

<Inquiries and Applications>
Osaka Foundation of International Exchange, Planning and Promotion Section
5th Floor, MyDome Osaka, 2-5 Hommachibashi,Chuo-ku,Osaka 540-0029
TEL:06-6966-2400 FAX:06-6966-2401

For more information regarding lesson examples, results of recent years and currently registered supporters, please visit the International Understanding Education Foreign Supporter Dispatch page below at: