At OFIX, we register foreign residents and international students as "supporters" who then visit schools within Osaka Prefecture to help support cross-cultural awareness education classes. With the aim to deepen the students' understanding of different cultures, these supporters introduce fresh perspectives by talking about their country’s culture and history, introducing traditional dances, performing using traditional instruments, and through other games and activities.
For more information, please read our Cross-cultural Awareness Education Foreign Supporter Program Pamphlet (PDF). (Japanese only)

〈Recent Lessons from FY 2018〉

◆May 11 Nawate Junior High School (Higashioaka City)
◆July 12 Mishima High School (Takatsuki City)

FY 2018 Cross-cultural Awareness Education Foreign Supporter Program Activity Report
  FY 2018 (Total)
High schools Other
Visits No. of Visits 31 14 12 1
Actual No. of Schools 13 14 7 1
No. of Visits to Elementary and Junior High Schools 45
Actual No. of Elementary and Junior High Schools 27
Total No. of Visits 58
Total No. of Actual Schools 35
Students No. of Students 2745 1503 1100 18
No. of Elementary and Junior High School Students 4248
Total No. of Students 5366
Supporters No. of Dispatched Supporters 54 51 23 2
No. of Supporters Dispatched to Elementary and Junior High Schools 105
Total No. of Dispatched Supporters 130
For past reports, click here.(Japanese Only)

What organizations are eligible?
○Schools including elementary, junior high, secondary education and high schools in Osaka Prefecture.
※Both public and private schools are welcome to apply.
 Limited only to school classes, events and club activities.

Who are foreign supporters?

Foreign residents such as international students living in Osaka who are able to introduce their own country's culture and history, traditional dances, performances using traditional musical instruments and other games and activities.Newly registered supporters are also encouraged to participate in supporter training. While the Japanese ability of each supporter varies, they are motivated individuals who are interested in interacting with students.

Aside from the basic country introduction, here (PDF) are what OFIX supporters can introduce.

⇒List of Foreign Supporters
(91 supporters from 24 countries and regions – as of July 31, 2019)

29 foreign residents have newly registered as
supporters for our 2019 program!

OFIX has had 29 newly registered foreign supporters since April 2019!

In particular, we have seen 11 supporters from China, 9 from South Korea, as well as 2 supporters from both Nepal and Vietnam recently join us. Additionally, we have newly registered supporters from each of Cambodia, Iran, Liberia and Uruguay, which are countries previously not listed this year.

Countries/regions of new supporters:

China: 11, South Korea: 9, Nepal: 2, Vietnam: 2, Cambodia: 1, Indonesia: 1, Iran: 1, Liberia: 1, Uruguay: 1 (Total: 29 as of July 31, 2019)

How much will it cost?

Of the honorarium paid to supporters (6000 yen per person per visit), requesting schools are required to pay 3000 yen per supporter per visit.
※ Additionally, other fees (expenses for ingredients for a cooking class, school lunch fees etc.) will be shouldered by the requesting school.

※For more information regarding how classes are implemented, please refer to our Cross-cultural Awareness Education Foreign Supporter Program Guidelines (PDF). (Japanese only)

Example Lessons and Activities
①Country Introduction
Introducing culture (clothing, food, lifestyle, language, sports etc.) and history from their home countries.
Introduction to culture Introduction to culture Introduction to culture
②Practical Learning
Hands-on, cross-cultural learning through games, songs and traditional dances from their home countries.
Introduction to culture Introduction to culture
③Presentation on set topics including the environment, economy and education (lifestyle of similar-aged students etc.).
※Items to help supporters introduce their countries can also be provided.
⇒Click here for further details about our Country Kits. (Japanese only)
※Please consult OFIX regarding specific lesson content and topics.
※Each supporter usually requires a PC, projector and screen or electronic blackboard for their lesson, so please indicate whether you can provide these when submitting the application form.

What does the request procedure involve?
Application Outline
①Submission of Application
⇒OFIX Cross-cultural Awareness Education Foreign Supporter Dispatch Request Form (PDF) (Japanese only)
Please fill out the form with your desired conditions (date and time, number of supporters, lesson content, country/region of supporters etc.) and submit it to OFIX by fax or email at least one month before the requested date of visit.
②Introduction of Foreign Supporters
OFIX will inform schools of their supporters as soon as they have been finalized. Attempts will be made to dispatch supporters who match the requesting schools' wishes, but this may be difficult in some cases due to lesson content and scheduling issues.
③Pre-Lesson Meeting
In principle OFIX staff will hold a preparatory meeting with the requesting school. In some cases, however, this will take place directly between the supporter and the person in charge of the requesting school.
⑤Lesson Report and Survey Submission
⇒OFIX Cross-cultural Awareness Education Program Lesson Report (For Teachers) (PDF)
⇒OFIX Cross-cultural Awareness Education Student Survey (For Elementary School Students) (PDF)
⇒OFIX Cross-cultural Awareness Education Student Survey (For Junior High/High School Students) (PDF)
※Available in Japanese only
Please submit the lesson report (for teachers) and the student surveys within one week after the lesson has finished.
⑥Supporter Payment
After the lesson finishes, requesting schools are required to pay half of the honorarium given to foreign supporters (3000 yen per supporter per visit). The total cost will be outlined in the invoice issued by OFIX and sent to the requesting school following the completion of the lesson.

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