Ando Program Introduction

   This program is funded by Mr. Tadao Ando, a world-class architect from Osaka, who was awarded the Carlsberg Architectural Prize in May, 1992. The Prize was established by the Carlsberg Corporation in Denmark to honor architects who contribute to the development of world architecture and Mr. Ando was the first recipient. Mr. Ando, with his deep interest in the internationalization of Osaka, donated all of the prize money (30 million yen) to the Osaka Prefectural Government. OFIX received his donation through the Osaka Prefectural Government and, in accordance with the wish of Mr. Ando, established the "Osaka Invitational Program for Short Term Overseas Trainees in Architecture and Arts(Ando Program)" as a Tadao Ando - Carlsberg Architectural Prize-Winning Memorial Program. Also there are companies and sponsors who support the program's objective of inviting about 10 students and young professionals from various Asian countries who specialize in architecture and arts. This program is held every autumn for a period of one month.
   In the course of this program, all trainees participate in approximately 10 days of practical on-the-job training at the representative construction companies of Japan in Osaka. During the job training, trainees are taken on on-site tours of buildings that are under construction and hear lectures about updated technology in the field of architecture. Furthermore, trainees will exchange opinions about architecture with Japanese students who are majoring in a related field. There will also be one-day study tours in Kyoto and Osaka when some buildings designed by Tadao Ando are visited. Aside from the training, all trainees will experience a home-stay with a Japanese family for two days, so the trainees can deepen their cultural exchange with Japanese people. Every year this event is popular among all trainees because they can experience cultural exchange with a real Japanese family.
   The program started in 1993 and is currently in its 27th year. Since its establishment, it has accepted 233 participants from 19 countries and regions. It has been highly rated among young Asian aspiring architects as the only program that can offer what other programs cannot.

◆ Goals and Objectives
  1. Provide an opportunity for students and young architects from various Asian countries majoring in, or who majored in architecture or arts to learn about Japanese architecture and art in order to contribute to the development of architecture and arts in their countries, while deepening their understanding and interest in Japanese culture.
  2. Provide a venue for exchange between Japanese students and talented people from Asia and help in widening the vision of Japanese students and develop them to be globally competitive.
  3. Construct a framework that will enable the continuous implementation of collaborative activity between young people in Asia and Japan.