About Ando Fund

About Ando Fund

   The Carlsberg Architectural Prize was established by Carlsberg Co. in Denmark to recognize architects who have contributed to the development of architecture all over the world. Mr. Tadao Ando, a world-class architect from Osaka, was awarded the prize in May, 1992 as the first recipient. Mr. Ando, with his deep interest in the internationalization of Osaka, donated all of the prize money (30 million yen) to the Osaka Prefectural Government, hoping that this money would help to foster cultural exchange activities between Osaka and other countries. OFIX received his donation through the Osaka Prefectural Government and, in accordance with the wish of Mr. Ando, established the "Osaka Invitational Program for Short Term Overseas Trainees in Architecture and Arts (Ando Program)" as a Tadao Ando - Carlsberg Architectural Prize-Winning Memorial Program. This program is designed to invite students and young professionals in the field of architecture and arts from countries and regions in Asia, with a view to fostering a better understanding of Japanese culture as well as contributing to the development of architecture and arts in their home countries. Furthermore, Mr. Tadao Ando, after winning the Kyoto Prize in November 2002, generously donated another 10 million yen from his prize money to OFIX. Together with donations from companies and sponsors who support the objectives of the Ando Program, OFIX uses his donations to further develop and improve the activities of the program.

<Ando Fund Supporting Members Information>
To further develop and improve the activities of the Ando Program, we would like to ask your kind cooperation in our supporting membership system. We sincerely appreciate your support.

・Corporate Member: Annual fee of 50,000 yen per unit
・Individual Member: Annual fee of 3,000 yen per unit

Courtesy Visit to
Mr. Tadao Ando
Ando Study Tour
(Honpukuji (Water Temple)
Awaji Island)
Please read Ando Fund Supporting Membership Information (Japanese Only) and become a member by submitting an Application Form (Japanese Only).

1 Membership Benefits
  1. ①Free or priority subscription to OFIX printed materials, reports and other publications.
  2. ②Subscription to quarterly newsletter "OFIX News". This newsletter contains
     information on international exchange activities, and OFIX programs and activities.
  3. ③Half price for banner advertisements for OFIX's website. (Corporate members only)

2 Payment of Membership Fee
Fee is payable to the bank accounts below upon submission of an application for membership. Bank transfer fee is free when payment is made between accounts of the same bank.
3 Account Information for Bank Transfer
Account Name: Osaka Foundation of International Exchange
(In Japanese: 公益財団法人大阪府国際交流財団/KouekizaidanhoujinOsakafukokusaikouryuzaidan)

Available Accounts for Bank Transfer:
4 Mailing Address and Contact Information
Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX)
5th Floor, MyDome Osaka, 2-5 Honmachi-bashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-0029
TEL: 06-6966-2400 FAX: 06-6966-2401