Requesting your kind cooperation in our supporting members system

   Since the establishment of the Osaka Foundation of International Exchange on January 25, 1989, OFIX has been involved in various activities aiming to promote the internationalization of Osaka, such as the support and assistance of exchange activities undertaken by citizens, contributing to the international community by improving services for foreign students, and fostering the development of Osaka as an international metropolis.
   We sincerely appreciate your support of our activities, and would like to kindly ask your cooperation in becoming a supporting member.

Osaka Foundation of International Exchange
Chairman Hidetaka Yoshikawa

The Osaka Foundation of International Exchange Supporting Members System

Membership fees are used to assist the three branches of our activities.

Membership fees are utilized for the following OFIX activities
Development of Global Human Resources

Promotion of Admission and Preparation of Environment for Foreigners
Collection and Dissemination of International Exchange Information

  1. 1 About Supporting Members
    Corporate and individual members who support the objectives of OFIX and can pay prescribed membership fees.
  2. 2 Procedures on Becoming a Member
    Please read OFIX Supporting Membership Information, and fill out and submit the Application Form.
  3. 3 Membership Benefits
    1. ①Free or priority subscription to OFIX printed materials, reports and other publications.
    2. ②Subscription to quarterly newsletter "OFIX News". This newsletter contains information on international exchange activities and OFIX programs and activities.
    3. ③Half price for banner advertisements for OFIX's website. (Corporate members only)
  4. 4 Membership Fees
     Corporate member : Annual membership fee of 50,000 yen per unit
     Individual member : Annual membership fee of 3,000 yen per unit


  5. 5 Payment of Membership Fee
    • Fee is payable to the bank accounts below upon submission of an application for membership. Bank transfer fee is free when payment is made between accounts of the same bank.
    • Members are sent a renewal notice from OFIX in the following year of enrollment.
    • Membership fee will be valid for one year from the day of enrollment and is payable every year.
  6. 6 Mailing Address and Contact Information
    Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX)
    5th Floor, My Dome Osaka, 2-5, Hommachi-bashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-0029
    TEL:06-6966-2400 FAX:06-6966-2401
  7. 7 Account information for Bank Transfer
    Account Name: Osaka Foundation of International Exchange
    (In Japanese: 公益財団法人大阪府国際交流財団/KouekizaidanHoujin Osakafukokusaikouryuzaidan)

    ●Available Accounts for Bank Transfer
    • Resona Bank, Limited., Osaka Komubu, Savings Account, No.3091993
    • MUFG Bank, Ltd., Osaka Komubu, Savings Account, No.1000222
    • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Osaka Komubu, Savings Account, No.5763

    ●Account for Japan Post Bank Transfer
    • Account No. : 00990-6-201605

OFIX is certified as a Specified Public Interest Corporation
Donations made to a Specified Public Interest Corporation are subject to following preferable tax treatment.

<For corporate members>
Donations made to a Specified Public Interest Corporation will be entered as "Losses" in the financial statement. The lesser of the total amount of donation or deductible amount of general donation applicable for corporations will be applied.

Deductible amount of general donation=
(amount of capital * X months of current fiscal year /12 X 2.5/1000 + mount of income X 2.5/100)X1/4
* Amount of capital is the sum of the paid-in capital and capital surplus.

<For individual members>
The amount of donation, calculated by subtracting 2,000 yen from the lesser of 40% of income or the amount of donations, will be deductible from your income as "designated donation".

Amount of deductible donation=
(The lesser of total amount of income X 0.4 or amount of designated donations)- 2,000 yen