Request for Donations

The Purpose for Requesting Donations

   In addition to the activities that OFIX has been conducting, it is also conducting the Osaka Prefectural Internationalization Strategy Action Program together with Osaka Prefecture since 2011. This program aims at further promoting the internationalization of Osaka through projects, such as sending youth from Japan to become trainees and students overseas (1,000 people in 3 years). A large fund is necessary to accomplish this. With the shift of the OFIX to a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, we have decided to solicit for donations.

Types of Donations

   There are two kinds of donations. Donations of which 50% or more is used for public service projects are General Donations, whereas donations asked within a period of time and used for a specific project are called Specific Donations. The donations we are requesting are General Donations.

Uses for the Donations

   Received donations will be utilized for projects, such as the Global Scholarship Program, which is conducted by the "Osaka Prefectural Internationalization Executive Committee", a body set up jointly by OFIX and Osaka Prefecture.
○Osaka Global Scholarship
This is a fund that subsidizes the travel expenses (air fare and travel insurance) of high school, vocational school, university, etc. students studying at schools in or living in Osaka Prefecture.
○Overseas Training Leader Subsidy
This is a fund to subsidize the travel expenses (air fare and travel insurance) of faculty/staff of high schools, vocational schools, universities, etc. in Osaka, who would lead the overseas training of their students.
※We would like to put the names of our donors (Individual・Corporate Name) on our homepage.

Tax Benefits

   Anyone making a donation to OFIX, being a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, can avail of special tax measures. For details, please see the Supporting Members page.

Application for Donations

   To give a donation, please fill out the "Donation Application Form" and send it by post or fax.
Download "Donation Application Form"(in Japanese only)


   If there are unclear points about the donation, please contact our General Affairs Section. The contact details are:
You may view the ."Donation Guidelines"(in Japanese only) here