Activities where Volunteers can be Requested

   Aside from activities directly related to projects OFIX is implementing, volunteers can be requested for non-profit projects, meetings, and similar events.
   However, please note that even if a request is made by any of the organizations mentioned above, volunteer activities cannot be requested in the following cases.
   In the case of language volunteers: Medical interpretation and legal interpretation
   In the case of host family: Applications for guests who are coming to Japan under a program that does not have people who are responsible for them accompanying them

   If you would want to know the languages the language volunteers speak or the areas the cultural volunteers specialize, please refer to the Number of Registered Volunteers(as of 31th March 2018—Japanese only)

Requesting Volunteers

Volunteer Request Form, Activity Completion Report Form Download

Volunteer Request Form (Japanese only)
Activity Completion Report Form (Japanese only)

Orientation on Activity Details

Volunteer Insurance

   To prepare for any unexpected accident during a volunteer activity through this system, the volunteer has to be enrolled in the "Volunteer Activity Insurance" (Personal accident insurance, public liability insurance)of the Social welfare Service Corporation Osaka Social Welfare Council.Enrollment procedures and payment of fees will be discussed depending on the content of the activity, the time period, the number of volunteers, etc.

Shouldering of Fees

   The Volunteer activities through this system are basically without pay, but, as much as possible, transportation fees and other fees necessary for the activity must be paid by the requesting organization.


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