This page provides an overview of OFIX's volunteer activities, training sessions, and information about recruitment.
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The following is a brief overview of each of our volunteer services.

≪Language Volunteer≫
 Providing interpretation/translation and language support for foreign residents, as well as assisting with communication at international exchange events.
  ・Language interpretation at "one-day consultation services for foreign residents" co-sponsored
   by OFIX and municipal international exchange associations.
  ・Language interpretation, e.g. at Sakai International Hall (Orion International House)
   - orientation for new students.

≪Disaster Interpreter/Translator Volunteer≫
 Providing language interpretation/translation support at relief centers during large-scale disasters
  ・- i.e. Contribution toward Chinese Language Services
   ( the "The Multilingual Support Center
   for the Touhoku Earthquake out at Pacific Ocean" after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

≪Cultural Volunteer≫
 Introducing/instructing about Japanese culture as well as traditional arts.
  ・Assistance with kimono wearing at "International Exchange Tea Ceremony"
  ・Performing Japanese classical dance at "Friendship Exchange Party for International Scholars"
   hosted by DAI-YU-KYO Foundation of International Exchange, Assistance & Research.

≪Host Family Volunteer≫
 Whether or not providing overnight lodging, host family volunteers warmly welcome foreign visitors to their homes in Osaka and offer visitors the opportunity to understand Japanese lifestyles and culture.
  ・Host a homestay through the OFIX "Osaka Invitational Program for Short-Term Overseas Trainees
   in Architecture and Arts" (Ando Program).

Current Recruitment Information
As of November 12th, 2015, there are no events for which we are recruiting.

Volunteer Training

Below are some past volunteer training sessions hosted by OFIX.

≪Community Interpreter≫
"2015 Training Session for Community Volunteer Interpreters"
Dates: May 29th (Friday) & June 3rd (Wednesday)
Location: My Dome Osaka 8th floor( Japanese)
Number of participants: 33 (languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai)
Related article/Facebook: June 5th, 2015
    ( Japanese)
    /OFIX News: Issue 74 (July 2015)

This training session covered the volunteer system and important points for partaking in volunteer activities. In addition, with the help of native speakers, participants speaking the four most common languages participated in role-playing exercises. Participants received instructions from friendly native speakers, with a few instances of being surprised by unfamiliar words.

Thank you all for your participation in this two-day event.
We look forward to your success in the future!

≪Disaster Interpreter/Translator≫
"2015 Training Session for Volunteer Disaster Interpreters/Translators"
Date: June 19th (Friday)
Location: Osaka City Abeno Life Safety Learning Center
   ( Japanese)
Number of participants: 28 (languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Nepalese)
Related article/Facebook: June 21st, 2015
    ( Japanese)
    /OFIX News: Issue 74 (July 2015)

After a seminar titled "Natural Disasters Anticipated in Osaka Prefecture and Measures Toward Preparedness" by the Osaka Prefectural Crisis Management Office, participants were taken to the disaster simulation rooms to witness the disaster scene of a town immediately after a major earthquake, as well as experience intensity scale 7 quakes (the shaking was very violent!) and put out a flame with a fire extinguisher. At the Disaster Workshop/Case Studies for Providing Multilingual Information held by the Multicultural Symbiosis Manager National Council, participants were divided into work groups, each discussing what can be done in their assigned roles. Additionally, participants had a chance to practice translating disaster information, making this a multifaceted training experience.

≪Training for Setting up a Multilingual Support Center in Times of Disasters≫
"General Disaster Prevention Drill for International Students"
Date: July 4th (Saturday)
Number of participants: 11 (languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Simple Japanese)
Related article/Facebook: July 6th, 2015
    ( Japanese)
    /OFIX News: Issue 75 (September 2015)
※Training for Setting up a Multilingual Support Center in Times of Disasters was held in tandem with the Evacuation Shelter Drill, which was designed for international students and foreign residents. Both took place as part of the "General Disaster Prevention Drill for International Students" at Sakai International Hall (Orion International House). (

◆ Useful Links
≪Language: General≫
・Osaka Information Service for Foreign Residents
・Council for Local Authorities for International Relations :The Multilingual Information Manual
・Osaka Prefectural Hospital Organization: Interpreter Service for Foreign Patients (Medical Interpreter Volunteer) Japanese)
・Osaka SGG Club

≪Language:Community Interpreter/Translator≫
・Osaka Prefectural Board of Education, Elementary & Junior High School Division
・Izumisano Cross-cultural Association

・Osaka Prefectural Child-Family Center Japanese)
・Tondabayashi Intercultural Communication Center (in Japanese)
※Check our webpage regarding consultation events for foreign residents (in Japanese)

≪Language:Disaster Preparedness≫
・Osaka Prefectural Crisis Management Office, Disaster Control Division, Disaster Control Group(Osaka 8.8 Million Drill) Japanese)
・Izumiotsu City Planning and Coordination Division (Izumiotsu International Exchange Association) Japanese)

・International Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities(BiG-i)
・Japanese Red Cross Society Kinki Block Blood Center

・Council for Local Authorities for International Relations :The Multilingual Information Manual
・Multicultural Symbiosis Manager National Council The Multilingual Support Center for the Touhoku Earthquake out at Pacific Ocean
・Tokyo University of Foreign Studies -Multilingual Disaster Information Service provided by the Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research
・The Research Institute for World Languages (RIWL)/Osaka University multilingual mega earthquake information

≪Cultural≫≪Host Family≫
・Osaka Foundation of International Exchange(OFIX)
 "Osaka Invitational Program for Short-Term Overseas Trainees in Architecture and Arts" (Ando Program)
・Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau: Official Osaka Tourist Information website
・Osaka Prefectural Internationalization Strategy Executive Committee: Osaka Global Website

≪Organizations that have requested OFIX volunteers in the past≫(partial list)
・Osaka Marathon(Osaka Marathon Volunteer Center)
・Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa(Japan Chamber Music Foundation)

Local International Exchange Associations

◆ Pamphlets
Did you know? ~OFIX Volunteer Dispatching System~(in Japanese)
OFIX Community Interpreter Booklet(in Japanese)
・Guide for Volunteer Disaster Interpreters/Translators(Chapter 2/with English translation
                       (Chapter 2/with Chinese Translation
Disaster Prevention Guide for Foreign Residents ~In Preparation for Earthquakes
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