Career Counseling for International Students

We are conducting career counseling for international students to promote the employment of international students at companies in Osaka Prefecture.

<FY2015 Career Counseling for International Students>
We have conducted a Career Counseling for International Students at the "Job Fair by No. 1 Companies". There were consultation about basic job hunting knowledge, such as how to choose a company in a chosen field.
Date      July 17, 2015 (Friday)
Venue     Grand Front Osaka
Participants  24 people

Disaster Drill for International Students

Every year, assuming that a big earthquake will occur, OFIX conducts a drill for international students to experience an evacuation center and a drill to set up a Multilingual Disaster Support Center for volunteers who would be supporting foreigners during disasters.
The drill would be as follows.

<FY 2015 Disaster Drill for International Students>
We have just conducted an "Integrated Disaster Drill for International Students" where international students experienced what it is like to be in an evacuation center and how to do first aid using an AED. At the same time, volunteers simulated how to set up a multilingual disaster support center, where they experienced interpreting and translating information necessary to support foreigners during a disaster.

Date      July 4, 2015 (Saturday)
Venue     Orion International Hall
Participants  49people

    Evacuation Center Simulation

  Training in Setting up a Multilingual
  DisasterSupport Center

Issuance of Special Entrance Booklets to International Students

To promote international students' understanding of Japanese culture, Osaka International House Foundation and Daiyukyo Foundation of International Exchange, Assistance and Research, with the cooperation of related institutions, issue Booklets for Special Entrance to museums and cultural facilities within Osaka Prefecture.

Target   International students studying at universities, junior universities,
        and vocationalschools in Osaka Prefecture.

Number of booklets distributed in 2015
  1. Distributed booklets:15,853 (105 schools)
  2. No. of participating cultural institutions: 39