Obtaining Osaka Prefectural Disaster Prevention Information

 1. Osaka Prefecture has created a portal site, "Osaka Disaster Prevention Net" and provides information, such as the location of evacuation centers during a disaster. Emergency information, such as weather information, is also posted in English, Chinese and Korean, aside from Japanese.
  If you register for Osaka Disaster Prevention Net's "A disaster prevention information email" you would be able to receive emergency information, such as weather and evacuation information, in Japanese and English.

Japanese   English   Chinese(Simplified)(Traditional)   Korea

2. For Foreigners Emergency Guide (Earthquake)
Osaka Prefectural Government's International Affairs Division has created a "For Foreigners Emergency Guide (Earthquake)" in three languages. This booklet is for foreign residents, and may also be used as a model for municipalities to use when developing their own emergency guides. You can download it below:

The following guides were revised in December 2016:
English-Japanese version   Chinese-Japanese version   Korean-Japanese version
Vietnamese-Japanese version   Filipino-Japanese version
 The following guides are now available (from November 2017):
Spanish-Japanese version   Portuguese-Japanese version   Thai-Japanese version

Information Regarding the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

Japanese Only

Provision of information about the Great East Japan Earthquake, etc.

We express our deepest sympathy for those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

【Information on the Support of Osaka Prefecture for Disaster Stricken Areas】
Information on the status of the support of Osaka Prefecture and about the support of Osaka Prefecture Residents for disaster victims is provided.
http://www.pref.osaka.jp/koho/tohoku_jishin/(in Japanese only)